Information for Schools

Provision of Access Arrangement Testing by Level 7 qualified Assessors

As a Level 7 qualified Specialist Assessor with a Practising Certificate, I work as an Access Arrangement Assessor in schools and colleges throughout Hampshire, (either alone or together with another assessor, when there are large volumes of assessments to be done). This is an efficient alternative for centres to training existing, busy staff to the high level required by JCQ for assessors. Centres can use and pay for assessment expertise only on days when they need it . This has worked very smoothly in many settings for eight years and most school and college clients use us for many years.

This can work either a day a week for a set period of the academic year or for an agreed small number of days a year, according to demand. Each year, schools and colleges can tailor the number and timing of dates according to how their needs develop or change over time.

I welcome the opportunity to talk to other schools and colleges about working with them in this way.

Unless we work in a setting every week, when a daily rate may be appropriate, we charge a very competitive per-student fee.

Not only are we efficient, given our long experience, but also, as part of our relationship with centres who use our assessment services, without charging more, we can advise on the implications of new regulations, suggest ways to collect and organise Access Arrangement evidence efficiently and give study skill recommendations where this is useful, based on our understanding of the evidence and behaviour we observe.

If you are interested in hearing more, please email via the Contact Me form on this website.

Caris Stoller, Specialist Assessor, Practising Certificate number 500001625IF5757