Note-taking Express Announces Free 6 month trial of its software for students

Note Taking Express has just communicated this offer of a free six month trial until November of its note-taking software, often used by dyslexic students for their degree studies, so that university students waiting for assessment and DSA funding approval during COVID 19 have software support in the interim. The software allows you to record, bookmark and make notes remotely, as well as use Video or/and Audio to capture lecture content.

“Here at Note Taking Express we are aware that Students may need support and help with their notetaking of recorded lectures. Because you can upload video and audio to Nhub we hope Students will find it useful for pre-recorded lectures. As the lockdown continues we are fully aware of the impact this is having on students, and as a result, we have introduced a new offer for all students in the UK to counter the possibility of delayed processing of their DSA application.

From today you can go to and register for FREE access for 6 months.”

The offer will run from Today (Friday 22 May) until the 30th November 2020 where any user will have the option to pay as they go to continue use of notetaking and either a 6 year licence of Nhub or a month by month payment of £5.00 per month. For details, students can email

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